Ray Ban sunglasses

Ray Ban sunglasses|Ray Ban Folding Aviator Sunglasses|Ray Ban releases an innovative utilitarian take on its iconic Ray Ban aviator, the Folding Aviator RB 3479.

Ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses

Ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses-The Ray Ban Folding Aviator sunglasses are the same exact classic proportions as the original RB 3025. But has hinges discreetly placed on the bridge and temples which allows it to fold down neatly into a compact case– perfect for easy storage and transport.They feature Ray Ban’s signature mineral glass lenses which are known for their crisp optics as well as being tough to scratch. Available in 5 frame/lens combos, including both polarized and non-polarized lens options.

Ray Ban aviator sunglasses

Ray Ban aviator sunglasses:The new Ray Ban RB 3460 Aviator Flip Out and Ray Ban RB 3461 Caravan Flip Out sunglasses, from their tech division, innovates on two of Ray Ban’s most classic styles. Adding to the legendary Caravan and Aviator shapes, the Flip Out series comes complete with a kit of three sets of easily interchangeable lenses: a rich primary color lens, a fashionable gradient color lens, and a polarized lens for extra glare protection. Also included is a lens carrying case so you can store an extra pair of lenses when your on the go.

Ray Ban prescription sunglasses

Ray Ban prescription sunglasses:Made of a patented memory metal, each frame is entirely nickel-free, resistant to corrosion, and hypoallergenic. APX plastic lens material allows for an ultra lightweight lens with maximum performance capability.Ray Ban Aviator Flip Out Sunglasses|Three different lenses options and looks in one very cool pair of aviator sunglasses.